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Hey Guys!! We started our journey 9 yrs ago and established our first Gigolo club in Mumbai. With our extremely stunning performances, we have now branches in more than 80 cities of the country. Our female clients include single, married, divorced females. All our clients are from decent families. They are good looking, educated and well-mannered. The age group of our clients is 30-50. Besides, massage and sexual requirements, they need a companion for occasions, events, vacations, excursion and sometimes abroad trips (only if you are interested).

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Who is a Gigolo?

Gigolo (often called as male escort) is a male companion who offers intimate services to female clients and usually gets paid for it. The services may include accompanying, escorting, sensual massage and sex.

What does the word gigolo mean?

A Gigolo (or kept man) is a social companion or male escort who is supported by a female in an ongoing relationship. He often lives at her residence and is likely to offer company to the women that may include sexual services too.

What is the meaning of Gigolo?

A Gigolo is a young man financially supported or paid by an older woman to be her lover or escort.

What is the meaning of gigolo in Hindi?

जिगोलो का मतलब है “पुरुष वेश्य” या “वृद्ध स्त्री पर आश्रित पुरुष”

How to join a gigolo club?

There are hundreds of gigolo clubs in India and every club has its own process of joining. Usually, you need to register with a gigolo club to become a member. You may be charged a small fee for this registration.

What is the eligibility to become a gigolo?

You must be 21 years old or above to apply for a gigolo job. You must not be affected by S.T.D. and you must not be addicted to drugs and alcohol.

How does gigolo find clients?

There is no specific way to find clients. Usually, a gigolo joins a male escort agency or a gigolo club. These Gigolo clubs and escort service providers provide you contact for female customers.

Where are real gigolo clubs in India?

Honestly, it is hard to detect a fake gigolo club. It is always advised to find reviews about the agency online. DO NOT trust blindly on any agency. DO NOT pay a huge registration fee or joining fee initially if asked for.

Which is the best gigolo club in India?

Every gigolo club will pretend to be the best gigolo club in India. You have to decide which club fits you the best. You can find reviews and ratings about the clubs online. Based on those reviews and ratings you can make your decision.

How much earning to expect from gigolo jobs?

The earning of male escorts depends on the number of jobs they do and the type of client they get. Usually, gigolos are paid on work basis and not on a salary basis. Besides their service charge, they also get travelling allowances, tips and gifts.

Is there gigolo part time jobs?

Yes, you can easily get part time gigolo jobs. Usually, you need to escort females in the night so you can do your job or business in the day time and can do gigolo job at night.

Why do women hire gigolo?

There are lots of possibilities behind hiring a male escort or hiring a gigolo. A few can be though as sexual pleasure, sensual massage, business trip, getaway, etc.

Who are the customers of a gigolo?

It is a general tendency that only high profile ladies only are the customers of a gigolo. Their clients can business women, housewives, hostel girls, etc. And it’s not always ‘THE SEX’ – they need a friend, a boyfriend or a companion who care and love them.

Which gigolo company is trusted in India?

The answer is simple. If you don’t get cheated, it’s a trusted company. Research about the gigolo agency you are planning to join. When you feel completely satisfied then register with them. Search about reviews and rating online about particular escort agency you are planning to join.

Are there Gigolos in India?

Of course! What kind of question is this? We are running a whole club from the past several years and we have a long list of gigolos associated with us. You can easily find gigolos in all parts of the county.

What is the life of a gigolo like?

You may think it is fun and amusement but the truth is different. Usually, people think that 6-pack abs, curvy body and hot looks can bring them to the business. Wait a minute! Of course, these things are an add-on for clients. But, these women have emotional desires as well besides physical needs. They need someone who listens to them, who take care of them, who pamper them, who treat them well and make them feel good. Of course, then comes the SEX.

What is the best gigolo website?


Which is a trusted gigolo service in India?

You can rely on Gigoloclubin.com. We are 7 yrs old escort agency in India with 900+ gigolo profiles working currently.

How can women find gigolo in India?

This totally depends on those women, how do they find men. Usually, they find gigolos via social media, forums, escort agencies and gigolo clubs.

Is there any gigolo training required?

There is no special training required for becoming a gigolo. You just need to good in communication to comprehend client requirements. If you have a decent personality, you can get started anytime.

Do I have to sign any contract for gigolo service?

NO CONTRACT. Feel free to leave anytime.

What are the benefits of becoming a Gigolo?

You don’t have to do slavery like in a job. You don’t have to ass off the whole day in your business. You will be a Freelancer. Accept projects that you like to do. You can become the master of your will. There is a great scope being a gigolo. Join a good gigolo club to get customers. Satisfy them and make money!

What is male prostitution?

Male Prostitution is a practice or act of men providing sexual services against a fee or payment. Although, the client can be a male or a female.